3D soccer game online

Soccer skills game!

The ultimate web based cross-platform soccer game!
11 versus 11 in fast paced 3D action bestowing unrivalled skills.


Detailed Game Instructions
Starting your first game
A good idea would be to play a practice match first before attempting the cup.
In a practice match you play with just your team against no one, which is a good opportunity to really understand and practice the game without any distractions.

Controlling your player
To control the player that currently has possession of the ball, while dragging it around the screen for the player to follow it.

This way you can navigate your player through the field to which ever location you seek and can better avoid/bypass the opponent team's players.

Shooting and passing
To shoot the ball or pass it, after pressing to direct your player somewhere, simply release and the ball will be shot towards the location where you were last pressing.
Based on that location, the AI will automatically understand if you are trying to shoot or pass the ball and will launch the ball accordingly.

And when passing the ball, the further the distance of the pass is, the more the ball will be shot higher up to cover the longer distance.

Making a header or double-kick
Making a header takes a bit of reflex training, the ball must first be shot up above the height of the players, and as the ball comes down and just before it reaches a player's head - > to direct that player to a shooting location and then release .

The player will then make a header shooting the ball towards that location of where was last released, and if that location happens to be behind the player (if the player was giving it his back) the player will automatically do a double kick instead of a header.

Tackling opponents
To tackle an opponent player or attempt to take the ball, simply direct your player towards the front of the opponent player who has the ball.

If the player you are currently controlling is too far from the opponent player, release again, this will make the game automatically choose the player closest to the opponent player (or choose the player with the best chance of taking the ball).

Penalty shootout
When shooting penalties you can distract the goal keeper by moving the pointer around from left to right rapidly just before shooting, this will confuse the goal keeper as to where you plan to shoot the ball.

Wiggle the pointer around then quickly release to shoot and if the goal keeper gets confused the chances of the ball getting scorred are almost certain, the goal keeper may even jump in the opposite direction.

Good luck and have fun playing!

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